Safety and Risk Success Podcast

We really enjoyed chatting to Christian Harris  from Safety And Risk Success Podcast about the health element of health and safety. We discussed the trends over the past two years, including, of course, Covid-19, but also other very important health issues such as mental health and how employers can help their staff.


We discussed:

  • What we have seen in terms of responses to Covid from their clients and why?
  • Important steps to take
  • Companies’ approaches to health and safety being a key differentiator when it comes to their future financial success
  • The need for HR to blend with safety and risk management
  • Riding the wave of increased awareness of safety thanks to the pandemic
  • Taking a bespoke approach, by sector but even in some ways by individual, to risk assessment and advice
  • Not forgetting the need to document, but being more pragmatic about this

You can listen to the the episode on the Safety And Risk Success Podcast here:


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