Living with COVID-19 – ensure you’re protecting your business

  Following the recent changes in COVID-19 rules across all the administrations and the move towards the ‘Living with COVID-19’ program, what do you actually need to know? We’ve summarised key changes below with steps to ensure you’re protecting your business.   Scotland Monday 28th February:  Vaccine certification will not be legally required, although the […]

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and the Changing Tide of Covid-19

Introducing our first guest blog by Kash Bhatti from commercial property managers, Cowiesburn. Kash discusses the importance of heating and ventilation systems in your building, especially to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   Who would have thought that almost 2 years later we would still be discussing COVID-19, let alone writing articles with a view [...]

Safety and Risk Success Podcast

We really enjoyed chatting to Christian Harris  from Safety And Risk Success Podcast about the health element of health and safety. We discussed the trends over the past two years, including, of course, Covid-19, but also other very important health issues such as mental health and how employers can help their staff.   We discussed: [...]

Mental Health in the Workplace – The ISO 45003 and the HSE Perspective

Autumn 2021 is seeing the gradual transition of employees back to the workplace, either full-time or combined with remote working. With many working practices, processes and roles having changed to adapt to workplace guidelines, there will be a significant period of adaptation for many employees. Now, more than ever, consulting with employees and ‘doing things [...]
people in the workplace discussing mental health

Mental Health in the Workplace – How to Help your Employees

Each situation will be very different, so it’s important to treat each with care and compassion. We’ve highlighted some of the most effective ways of helping your employees through any periods of mental ill-health.   Encouraging Employees to Talk About Mental Health If poor mental health is suspected or disclosed, it’s crucial that line managers [...]

View our Return to the Workplace Webinar

Although some businesses may have returned to the office in some capacity, many are still working from home, or discussing hybrid options with management and staff. Deciding what’s best for your staff and your business can be difficult, with no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Last month we ran a webinar in partnership with Greig […]