Make flexible working work – long-term strategies

In times BC (Before COVID-19), only about 5% of the workforce had their home as their standard place of work. The number of people working from home has increased steadily over the last five years, but the last couple of years has escalated remote working at a rapid pace. Many employees are balancing work with [...]

Make flexible working work – the legal bit

As the UK heads back into offices and places of work, many businesses are implementing a flexible approach where staff can continue to work remotely for part of their working week. Employees are now aware of how it is possible to work effectively from home and have learned how to use the technology that supports [...]

Make flexible working work – the cultural bit

A virtual working environment presents a particular challenge for employers, as it requires different management approaches compared with the traditional working environment. Specifically, maintaining organisational culture and trust, as well as ensuring regular communication and collaboration across virtual teams requires more dedicated effort and different management skills from leaders. Additionally, given the rapid shift we [...]

Managing Mental Health – Difficult Conversations

Having difficult or sensitive conversations about mental health is never easy but in today’s climate, employers and managers should be aware of how to conduct these conversations when the situation arises. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind: Choose an appropriate place – somewhere private and quiet where the person feels comfortable and [...]

Managing Mental Health – Management Skills

Too often employees are scared to tell their manager about a mental health problem and so problems can spiral. A recent survey revealed that one in five people felt they couldn’t tell their boss if they were overly stressed at work and less than half of people diagnosed with a mental health problem had told [...]

Managing Mental Health – Culture

Since the start of the pandemic, the mental health of the workforce has deteriorated significantly. More than 1 in 5 people with no prior experience of mental health issues say their mental health is now poor or very poor, according to the mental health charity MIND. When people find themselves crying, feeling angry and upset [...]

Living with COVID-19 – ensure you’re protecting your business

  Following the recent changes in COVID-19 rules across all the administrations and the move towards the ‘Living with COVID-19’ program, what do you actually need to know? We’ve summarised key changes below with steps to ensure you’re protecting your business.   Scotland Monday 28th February:  Vaccine certification will not be legally required, although the […]

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and the Changing Tide of Covid-19

Introducing our first guest blog by Kash Bhatti from commercial property managers, Cowiesburn. Kash discusses the importance of heating and ventilation systems in your building, especially to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   Who would have thought that almost 2 years later we would still be discussing COVID-19, let alone writing articles with a view [...]

Safety and Risk Success Podcast

We really enjoyed chatting to Christian Harris  from Safety And Risk Success Podcast about the health element of health and safety. We discussed the trends over the past two years, including, of course, Covid-19, but also other very important health issues such as mental health and how employers can help their staff.   We discussed: [...]