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Health & Safety Management

We’ve found that ‘one-size’ in the field of health and safety rarely fits anyone, and it’s often more trouble than it’s worth.

Having gold-standard workplace health and safety is an integral part of good management and a productive workforce. A safety management system puts the structure in place to create a happy and safe place of work.

Some companies like to drown you in legalese and jargon, and some like to give you a mass of documentation and send you on your way. In comparison, our services are completely bespoke and tailored to what your organisation needs.

In a crowded market, what makes Armour special? Simply put, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We work with clients in a variety of sectors, all with different sizes, requirements, and budgets. We’re not interested in pressure selling, we’re interested in the relationships we have with our clients. As with all things, the proof is in the pudding: last year we had a 100 per cent client renewal rate.

If you’re unsure what your organisation needs we’ve suggested three options below:

You’re looking for some advice, or someone to bounce ideas and plans off?
See our light-touch option below: “Help Yourself

You need some guidance and upskilling internal staff?
See our most popular option below: “Guided Support”

Or are you looking to completely outsource safety?
We have you covered, see “Full Service” option below.

Need a completely bespoke service which can include a selection of the options you see in the table below? Just get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Most Popular
Service Help Yourself Guided Support Full Service
Dedicated Health & Safety Consultant

24/7 Helpline

Health & Safety Email Updates

Documents & Risk Assessment Templates

Competent Person

Enforcement Liaison

Incident Reporting

Health & Safety  Documentation Review

Physical Site Inspection

Fire Risk Assessment

Training & Mentoring

Board Meeting Attendance

Subcontractor Audit

Access to E-Learning

Contact us

To arrange your free, no obligation, initial consultation and learn how simple it can be to protect you, your employees and your business.

We also offer:

Workplace Audits

A thorough review to ensure that you have a joined-up approach to health and safety

Fire Risk Assessments

A specialist full inspection and assessment carried out at your premises

Support & Advice

Drive the level of health and safety support you need with our ondemand experts

Dedicated health & safety consultant
We’ll assign a fully qualified, experienced health and safety consultant to look after you and your organisation. They’ll get to know how you work, your ethos and what you want to achieve. They’ll get you where you need to be.

24/7 Helpline
Unlimited access to ongoing telephone advice available 24/7/365, and email support 9-5 Monday-Friday.

Health & safety email updates
We’ll sign you up to our health and safety mailing list so you’ll receive email updates and guidance on legislation and best practice. We’ll also add you to our bulletin where we contact you with any relevant health and safety news in regard to your organization.

Documents and templates
You will receive unlimited access to our entire suite of health and safety templates and documents.

Competent Person
Your dedicated health and safety consultant will act as your legally required ‘competent person’ for all matters relating to the health and safety of your organization.

Enforcement liaison
Your dedicated health and safety consultant will be available to guide you in the event of any encounters with enforcement authorities and will liaise with the appropriate authorities on your behalf.

Incident reporting
Throughout the contract term we will assist with completion of incident reports, incident investigations and reporting to appropriate authorities, as and when required.

Health & safety management system and documentation review
A review of your current health and safety management system documentation, including your health and safety policy, risk assessments, management plan, emergency procedures, employee training, incident reporting procedures and safety inspection program, in line with your business and legal responsibilities. Following our review, we’ll provide a succinct and easy-to-follow report outlining any gaps, plus whatever documentation is required to fill these.

Physical site inspection
Your dedicated health and safety consultant will attend your site(s) to inspect all areas of the workplace to identify hazards and appropriate control measures, followed by a succinct and easy-to-follow report outlining any actions required, prioritised by actual levels of risk.

Fire risk assessment
Your dedicated health and safety consultant will carry out an on-site inspection of the workplace(s) and provide a detailed fire risk report for the workplace, with overall risk rating and action plans, including a review of all findings, any actions required and a plan for completion.

Training and mentoring
Your dedicated health and safety consultant will support you, your management team and your employees with all aspects of your health and safety systems and can provide bespoke training, either 1-to-1, as a group or via our online training portal on a range of subjects relating to health and safety.

Board meeting attendance
Your dedicated health and safety consultant is available to attend annual management meetings to review health and safety performance and provide detailed feedback on any audit reports and fire risk assessments.

Subcontractor audit
Your dedicated health and safety consultant can perform a full audit of your subcontractors’ health and safety management systems, so you can be confident that those working on your behalf are fully compliant.

First aid assessment
Your dedicated health and safety consultant can perform a first aid requirements assessment of your workplace to determine what training, equipment and facilities are required.