Making health and safety easy with our tailor-made solutions for your business.

Armour Risk Consulting takes the burden out of meeting your health and safety obligations, protecting you, your employees and the public.

We work with you to find out exactly what you need, and then do all of the hard work for you, leaving you more time to spend on growing and managing your business.

Armour Risk Consulting are based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester and our consultants work with and advise companies and organisations across Scotland and the North of England.

How can we help you handle your health and safety obligations?



A fully managed Health and Safety service tailored to your business needs

Armour Risk Consulting


Bespoke Health and Safety policies written specifically for your business


Risk assessments and reports covering all of your working processes

Armour Risk Consulting


Drive the level of Health and Safety support you need with our on-demand experts

Having someone who could confidently answer yes or no to safety questions put my mind at ease.

Dene and his team at Armour approached this challenge with a real spirit of cooperation and flexibility while at all times conducting themselves with real professionalism.

Dene and his team have integrated seamlessly within our management team, not only to perform annual fire and safety inspections for all of our managed properties, but to work closely with our managers and clients to rectify any issues identified.

Armour’s wide range of services and training are at a very competitive price and we feel that we are receiving extremely good value for money.

We have found the services provide by Armour, to be a great asset to Vasart. The quality of the work and documents provided gives staff and clients peace of mind that we are compliant with our health and safety procedures.

The Armour team have a depth of knowledge and experience in their field which we find invaluable, knowing that they are just a phone call away.


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