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Our clients never just get the service outlined in their agreement as outlined in the case below.

The problem

During a site inspection it became apparent that the client’s building had asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in situ, demonstrated by the small red stickers in various locations. As the visit progressed, we came to a full storage room that had stickers on the floor and on the original ceiling. The stickers on the ceiling were visible due to several suspended ceiling tiles being removed and we could see elsewhere that boxes were being stored almost flush with the ceiling tiles. There was evidence of debris on the upper surfaces of the exposed boxes. We explained to the client that we did not think that the room was being controlled very well, especially with the presence of ACMs. The debris was a real cause for concern.

How we were able to help

With agreement from the client, we secured the room while we were on site, and informed the staff why we had done so, assuring them that it was minimal risk, but we were taking precautions.

We then contacted the Company’s UK Facility Manager over the phone and explained in detail our concerns and asked to see the last asbestos survey report.

Following this review, we recommended an updated survey be carried out to ascertain the current condition of the site’s ACMs. We reviewed these potential survey companies to find the most suitable for our client.

Once the new survey was complete, we again reviewed it and explained the findings to our client, which clearly identified the ACMs, their current state, and ultimately the recommendation for their safe removal.

What the client said

“The ongoing risk has been managed and prevented from becoming a serious issue for us.”

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