Private Estate with accommodation and outdoor sporting facilities

We are great believers in giving our clients the tools to do the job well themselves as opposed to just doing it all for them.

The problem

The Estate approached us to take care of their risk assessments. Risk assessments require frequent updating in line with any company changes which would incur increased costs.

How we were able to help

Rather than offer to undertake all of the Estate’s risk assessments, we offered to do the first one, and then train employees on how to carry out a risk assessment themselves.

We gave employees a general introduction into health and safety, roles and responsibilities and risk assessment theory. A select group then undertook a full day of risk assessment training, including a practical session, where groups filled out risk assessment forms on the estate, with Armour’s guidance and supervision.

The groups learnt about hazard spotting, individual attitudes towards risk and what reasonable and practical solutions may look like. This allowed employees to gain confidence in the process itself, completing the form and being consistent in approach, whilst also learning about current health and safety standards.

Each attendee was given a certificate for their CPD, allowing them to undertake risk assessments for the Estate in the future, saving the company time and cutting costs, with the knowledge that Armour will always be available for any advice or guidance as required.

What the client said

“The feedback we received from the teams was great and employees felt empowered to be able to complete a risk assessment themselves.”


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