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The Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh

Private members’ club with hospitality services and accommodation


We work in partnership with our clients to help them to navigate changes in legislation and guidance so that they can continue to trade in a safe environment.

The problem

The Royal Scots Club needed to navigate through the latest government legislation and guidance and demonstrate to the local authority that they could undertake a large event with little or no risk to their guests and to the public.

How we were able to help

In light of Covid-19 guidance, this year’s Beating Retreat event was to be held outside – the first time that this kind of event was taken outdoors.

To gain permission for the event, our client had to submit a detailed health and safety risk assessment to the local council, outlining all of the control measures that they intended to implement to ensure the safety of their employees, guests, and the public.

Armour Risk Consulting worked closely with the RSC Management Team to identify all possible health and safety hazards (including those related to Covid-19) and design a risk mitigation plan that could be implemented to reduce risks to safety and health of all attendees to a suitable level.

The risk assessment was submitted to the local council who gave it their seal of approval.

The event was held with no incident and the risk assessment can be adapted for any future event that our client may hold.

What the client said

“At a time when events were beginning to open after restrictions were lifted, we wanted to hold an outdoor event for our members safely.

“To manage all the risk involved, not only regarding general health and safety but also risks associated with Covid, we turned to our health and safety consultants at Armour.

“They quickly understood what our requirements were and came up with a detailed risk assessment that not only satisfied the local council’s needs but also became an easily understood document with which our staff could work from, enabling an effective plan to be put in place.”

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